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Bookstore staff Sue, Renee, Linda, Jane and Jenny

The Bookstore staff is dedicated to giving personalized service and assistance in finding the exact book you're looking for. We have a wide variety of reading interests, which you can review in our Staff Picks

Plus, we have a group of well-read teen staffers who are eager to help your search.

Meet the folks who work, read and play at The Bookstore:

Jane Stroh

Jane and her husband Tim have been the owners of The Bookstore since 1997, and prior to that Jane was an employee for ten years. She is an active grandmother, a military mom and an avid reader. She strongly believes in supporting the local community and sharing the love of reading. She loves to read literary fiction, women's fiction and Christian literature. Her many grandchildren keep her up to date on all of the latest wonderful books for children, from baby to teen. Jane has started many cherished traditions at The Bookstore, including our Holiday Reader in the Window, The Summer Reading Program, Breakfast at The Bookstore, The Bridge Community Holiday Gift Book Drive, Annual Book Club Night, and one of her absolute favorites, her carefully curated list of holiday books for children.

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Jenny has been a bookseller at The Bookstore since 1998. She is a former second-grade teacher and avid reader with an eclectic taste in books, ranging from literary fiction to mysteries to memoirs (she jokes: "the darker the better" -- even if we all know Jenny is the sunniest person in Glen Ellyn). She is responsible for decorating the window and selecting the children's books at The Bookstore, and often hosts Sunday afternoon children's book-themed parties, including the annual Easter Egg Hunt. She plays the flute, sings in the church choir, loves camping, and never drives her car without listening to a kids' audiobook. You can catch Jenny at The Bookstore on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Linda has been a bookseller at The Bookstore for over 10 years. She is a former first-grade teacher, and has been a substitute teacher, an editorial staff member of The Wheaton Daily Journal, and a library staff member at Edison MIddle School in Wheaton. She enjoys challenging the most avid readers and encourages the hesitant ones. Linda says she's always been a bookworm and always has a book with her.  If she's not reading fiction, biographies, historical fiction, or Caudill nominees, she's promoting books and reading, especially to young people. Having recently become a grandma, she is eager to begin reading to her grandchildren. She can be found at The Bookstore on most Saturdays.

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Renee has worked at bookstores on and off since college, and at The Bookstore off and on -- mostly on -- since 1997. She is usually reading at least one fiction and one non-fiction book at any given time, including new fiction and whatever else looks or sounds interesting: memoirs, mysteries, poetry, young adult titles and children's picture books. Renee is The Bookstore's ambassador to the Downtown Alliance group and loves to help design book displays in the store. She has family ties to Glen Ellyn going back many generations. You can usually find Renee at The Bookstore from Tuesday through Friday.

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Sue has been a bookseller and book buyer at The Bookstore for over 10 years. She is a math whiz and former actuary, so she's also the one who keeps our financial books on the straight and narrow. She is an avid reader who especially enjoys literary fiction, narrative nonfiction and memoirs. She's one of those readers who can manage to keep the plots straight in several books at one time, and is known to have a "kitchen book," a "living room book," and an audiobook for the car -- at the very least! She is known for her soft spot for books about animals, especially dogs. She is an avid runner and bicyclist, and enjoys following book award lists such as The Booker Prize and the Tournament of Books. She is known for her literary mixology, e.g., her original "Beowolf at the Beach Martini." She can be found on Twitter as @suejustbooks. She can be found at The Bookstore most Mondays and Fridays.

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Teen Staff

Meet our teen staffers: Abbey, Chloe, Claire, Ellie, Emma, Nathan, Paige and Will. Our teen staffers are always reading and talking about books. Check out the Teen Staff Picks here.


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