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Four Ways to Connect with Us Through the Blogosphere:  

Visit The Bookstore's own blog at www.justthebookstore.blogspot.com to read more about our events and programs, with photos, reviews, staff picks and commentary by our booksellers.

Just for kids! The Bookstore now has a Kids Blog at www.justthebookstorekids.blogspot.com, a safe, monitored place where The Bookstore's younger fans can share their love of books. Each month there will be a selection for the Rebecca Caudill Book of the MOnth Club. Kids are invited to read along and then share their thoughts in the comments. If you or your child would like to submit book reviews that would appear on the blog, just send us the review in an email with your child's first name (only) and age, and we will get it posted for you. 

Just for Teens!  The Bookstore is introducing a Teen's Tumblr. http://justthebookstoreteens.tumblr.com/  Follow our blog for great recommendations, awesome quotes, be inspired and so much more!

We also partner with Jenn Karsbaek, a Chicago area book blogger whose blog can be found at www.devourerofbooks.com.