Local Author Policy

The Bookstore's Local Author Policy Statement

Thank you for your interest in our store. We support local authors by carrying their books and hosting events as we are able. However, much of this is up to you and your willingness to participate in our policies...


Review Copies

We invite you to drop off a review copy of your book at our store, and if we aren't too busy, we would ask you to introduce yourself and tell us about your book. We meet a lot of interesting authors this way! If we are busy helping other customers, it would probably be best to leave us a business card or contact information in your book, and we will get back to you when we can. If you have any questions, please email Jane at justbook475@yahoo.com.

If you drop off a review copy of your book at our store, we will try to read it, but we just can't make any promises. If it catches the eye of one of our booksellers, and they love it, we will try to contact you. If you haven't heard from us within 30 days, you are free to stop by and ask us to return your review copy. Don't get discouraged if you don't hear from us.


Local Author Inventory 

We don't offer to carry every book that is dropped off. What we look for are authors who live in the local area, books with a broad appeal to our customers, and authors with strong marketing plans. Because of the volume of submissions we get and the small size of our store, we have to limit how many new books we will accept, the same as we do when buying from the big publishers. 


Local Author Events 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer to host a book signing event for all local authors. if you are interested in an event, please enclose a request when you drop off your book at our store, indicating the date that your book will be released, along with the estimated number of people you expect to invite from your own personal and professional address lists. You should also be prepared to bring some of your own treats and beverages - our budget is quite limited.

In our experience, events for local authors are the most successful when it is the first book launch event to which friends and family are invited. If you have already had a book launch event at another store in the area, or if a large number of your guests have already bought a copy of your book, your event is less likely to be successful for both of us. We might still be willing to host an event for you, but you will need to have a book and a marketing plan that we believe will have a strong appeal to our customers and our village. Event planning is fun, but it is time consuming and demanding of our resources. When it's done right, it is successful for both of us. We just want to make sure we are making a smart investment.


Glen Ellyn Bookfest

Whether or not we contact you to carry your book or offer an event, you should still consider applying to participate in the next Glen Ellyn Bookfest in September. This event is co-sponsored by The Bookstore, Bundles of Books and The Glen Ellyn Public Library. In 2010, our Keynote Speaker was Elizabeth Berg, and we hosted such noted authors as Melanie Benjamin, Kelly O'Connor McNees, Stephanie Cowell, Bob Raczka and Marianne Malone. In 2011, our Keynote Speaker was Mary Doria Russell, and in 2012 we enjoyed hearing from David Finch, author of The Journal of Best Practices. More information for authors interested in the 2013 Glen Ellyn Bookfest will be available soon.



Contract information to consider, should we accept your book:

1) Terms are 60% to seller and 40% to The Bookstore.

2) Books will be carried for approximately 3 months -- after that time a decision will be made whether we will continue to carry the title or will return it. We have a limited amount of shelf space so time spent in any store section will depend on the sales of your book.

3) Author must check sales status by contacting The Bookstore by email at justbook475@yahoo.com. 

4) The Bookstore will not be responsible for the return of review or shelf copies if they are not picked up within 30 days of notification. After that time, the book(s) become the property of The Bookstore and will be donated at our discretion.

5) Payment can be arranged with the The Bookstore once the books start to sell. A check can be mailed within 30 days, unless other arrangements are made.

Thanks for your interest in The Bookstore and good luck with your writing!