Local Author Policy

So you’ve written a book, gotten it published, and of course you want to share it with the world!  Here’s how the staff at The Bookstore is willing to help. On a Saturday that works for both of us, we will host a local author event where we provide a space for a book signing with a warm friendly environment. We will promote the event in our newsletter and on our website.  We will handle the actual sales process, including sales tax, making change, taking credit cards, etc.

To be honest, we’ve had mixed success with these types of events.  For your event to be successful you need to be: 

  • an author who is willing to have their book launch event with us, not having already sold multiple copies to friends and family or at a previous event.

  • an author who is outgoing, friendly and not afraid to be a self promoter, without being pushy.

  • an author who is willing to do the publicity legwork and invite many friends and family to attend and buy books!

Now for the nitty-gritty.  We expect the standard industry discount with 60% of the retail price going to the author and 40% to The Bookstore.  This means that the author will need to cover the costs of actually creating the book out of that 60%, or be willing to cover the loss. If the book is available at our usual distributor, Ingram Book Company, at this regular discount and is returnable, we will handle the ordering through Ingram.  If that is not the case we can work directly with the author or his/her publisher.

After the signing we are willing to keep a small number of books, probably only one or two, on a consignment basis.  This means that if the book has not sold any copies in six months, it will be available to be picked up by the author in saleable condition.  It is the responsibility of the author to check in with The Bookstore in early July and in early January to check on consignment sales. Any unsold books left at The Bookstore after the consignment period ends will become the property of The Bookstore to donate.

One of the goals of our business is to be involved in and supportive of our community.  We maintain the right to reject a particular book if we feel the content, editing, or writing doesn’t meet our basic standards.  We do not promise to read the book cover to cover, but someone on the staff will, at a minimum, skim the book.

So, if we have not dampened your enthusiasm or scared you away with the above information, please contact us by phone at (630) 469-2891 or e-mail info@justthebookstore.com and make arrangements to get a copy of your book to us.  Let’s hope you are the next James Patterson or J.K. Rowling and we are wise enough to figure that out and help you launch your brilliant writing career!  Dream big!