Independent Bookstore Day

Indie Bookstore Day logoThanks for supporting Indie Bookstore Day

Indie Bookstore fans turned out May 2 for Independent Bookstore Day, a nationwide celebration of small bookstores like ours in Glen Ellyn. Thank you so much to our customers for your patronage and support.

Indie Bookstore Day was a great success. The store was busy all day.  We had plenty of families visit with guest author Sherri Rinker during story time. Everyone enjoyed the treats and especially the book swag and giveaway galley copies of books. We loved seeing everyone grouped around the book cart talking about their favorites and choosing something new.

We still have a few of the one-of-a-kind items (to sell) that were produced especially for that day. Stop in before they are all gone.

Sherri Rinker at Indie Bookstore Day

Sherri Rinker reads during Indie Bookstore Day at The Bookstore in Glen Ellyn.