What It Takes (Paperback)

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The year is 2025, and baseball has been decimated by a second steroid era, causing fans to leave their national pastime behind. The Chicago Cubs have come in last place the previous four years and its once loyal fan base have moved on.

Cubs owner Big Eddie Dillinger claims anyone can bat over .200, stating the players aren't as good as they purport. This leads to an ill-advised wager and Big Eddie looking for a commoner to do just that. In walks timid Jacob Riley, accepting of the task.

Jacob's hard work is not enough. He instead uses his ingenuity to find a loophole which is a boon to himself and his team. Now the Cubs are making a playoff push, and Jake knows he must delve even further if he wants to transform his life and deliver the underdog Cubs to a World Series championship.

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ISBN: 9781612968025
ISBN-10: 1612968023
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publication Date: December 12th, 2016
Pages: 226
Language: English