Book Lovers

The Bookstore welcomes all book lovers!

Here are some Bookstore offerings:

  • Join our mailing list to find exclusive offers and events for Bookstsore afficionados. Click here for how to be entered to our mailing list.
  • Every year, The Bookstore staff hosts our popular Book Club Night, where we recommend books (along with discussion topics) to keep your book club members enthralled throughout the year. See our 2014 book club recommendations here.
  • Plus, we have our own Book Club that meets monthly. It's open to all readers interested in the selection.
  • We love Educators and we know you will love us too, as most of our adult staff have been educators at some point in their work lives. Come see us or send us an email when special ordering books for your students, and be sure to ask about our Educators' Discount.
  • Get Caught Reading! is our summer reading program and so much more. We're passionate about books and we encourage everyone to "Get Caught Reading!"
  • Check out what local book clubs are reading now.
  • We support our local historical societies' reading groups.